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During a 2-day clinic I will cover all three disciplines of shooting: Singles, Handicap, and Doubles. Each shooter will be taken as an individual, since you come with varying degrees of ability, and experience. I will begin with making sure that you have a good solid shooting foundation; one that will allow you to enjoy your shooting game as never before.

You will learn to develop strong physical and mental game plans. We then take those game plans to the trap line, There, you will continue to fine-tune those skills under my guidance.

You will shoot approximately 300 to 325 targets per class, depending on the experience level and desire of the class. The clinic will be held rain or shine! Learning the proper way to deal with mother nature and what she can throw at you makes the difference when the rest of the competition quits or sits in the clubhouse. Due to my desire to make sure that you have as much individual time as possible, each class is limited to only 7 students. This will enable me to work with you more closely, and allow me to focus in on your specific needs as a shooter.

If shooting better is your goal, let Harlan Campbell Jr.’s Shooting Instruction help you reach that goal. Remember, “Shooting better is a choice, and that choice is yours.”


                                                                                   Harlan Campbell Jr.

             Harlan Campbell Jr's                Shooter Information Packet

Shooter Information Packet
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