I have the utmost confidence in these folks.


Their products, knowledge, and commitment to the game of shooting is beyond reproach.


Visit their website or give them a call and ask them how they can improve your game.


Don't hesitate to say, "Harlan Sent Me!"



Personal Equipment


K-80 Special Trap 34" un-single with choke tubes and 32" O/U with custom choke tubes by Tom Wilkinson.          

               WENIG CUSTOM STOCK

MODELS HC1 and HC2    -   "BUILT FOR FUNCTION...NOT FRILLS"            


                  Hi-Viz Sight Systems

              "For EXCELLENT  sight picture and eye control consistency."


Glasses and Eye Care by Dr. Frank  Rively

Cell: 570-313-7176
Home: 570-587-4283
Shooting Glasses and Eye Care
Check out the new "Optimizer Color" & "HB Series"

Other Fine Links and Asssociates
Official Home of the Amateur Trapshooting Association

Kansas Trapshooting Association.
Terry Jordan - Wall Chart
"Dry Firing System"

Rob Taylor Guns




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