Shooting Clinic References

From: Charles Brooke

Date:  April 4, 2019

To:    Harlan Campbell Jr.

Subject:  Endorsement for Shooting Clinic


   "With my shooting averages, in all events, in steady decline over the previous 9 months, I decided to sign up for my first ever shooting clinic.

   Planning to be in Tucson for the Spring Grand this year I was lucky enough to get into Harlan's clinic the weekend before.

   During the clinic we made important changes to my gun setup, my shooting style and mental approach to the game.The results were beyond my wildest dreams!

   My very first round of Doubles at the Grand was a personal best of 98 and good enough to win my Class.  Only a matter of weeks later I broke my first 100 straight in Singles at the Arizona State Shoot and then followed that up with my second 100 straight three days later! 

   My averages for Singles, Handicap and Doubles are happily on the rise again.

If you want to get serious about your Trap shooting, Harlan and his clinic are the first important step in helping you succeed.


Thanks Harlan."


Chuck Brooke

Helena, MT.


ATA Life Member

Tucson Trap Club Life Member

Helena Trap Club Board of Directors






    In the middle of May, I took your Shooting Class at the Woburn Shooting Club in Massachusetts.  I was the guy that classified myself as a recreational shooter, white hair 5 ft 6inches tall.   I am a retired aerospace engineer.  You spend a lot of time adjusting my gun. I have not changed the gun pattern.  .

    The results of the class has been fantastic for me.   Your system helps me find ways to improve.  You really hit home by showing me the geometry of the game.

    I know that you have received compliments before so you can just add this one to the list.


Thanks again.

Best regards


Chuck Provenzano




Hope all is well. I felt it immature to report results from taking your clinic until we both shot a few of the bigger shoots along with local small shoots. So far we have both experienced more control, visual sight picture and more confidence resulting in better scores.


I want to thank you for a great clinic and for taking individual time with everyone. We are looking forward for the refresher course in the spring at Monroe and will see you at silver dollar.



Tate and Jen Hedrick




Hi Harlan,


I want to thank you for your clinic in Conneat Ohio. I enjoyed meeting you and came away a lot more confident in my shooting. (I was the person that had the ahah moment in doubles shooting) I was clearly the least experienced person in the group but you made me feel welcome and a part of the group. You are a rare person that has achieved the highest personal level in a sport and can still come down to earth and teach in on a practical level.


One question. I have never shot so many rounds in two day and was using silicon off the shelf ear plugs. My hearing is important and do you have any recommendations on the best ear protection


Thanks again

Scott Portnoy




I was a student at your course at the West Chester Gun Club on Aug 26 & 27. I wanted to give you some feedback on the course, and an update on how I'm doing.

First, the 2 day class was great!! Your analytical approach to the game of trap was very enlightening. And your explanation and demonstrations were crystal clear and complete.. It just makes good sense.

Second, since attending that class, I have won a Club Singles Championship (Mt Pleasant NY Sportsmen's Club) an ATA Handicap Championship (Hartford Gun Club - nbhEast Granby Connecticut) and have consistently delivered high 90s in Singles and high 90s in Handicap.

Thank you for the excellent program, confident instruction, and your professional manner in which you handle "all the questions..

Thank you for the opportunity, instruction, and coaching.

I hope you don't mind that I keep you updated on my developments?

Also, please feel free to utilize this communication as an endorsement, or a testimonial. I'd recommend your class to anyone who asks!

Thanks, and keep shooting great !!!!

Joe Longo



     Being a teacher, I am very familiar with how difficult it is to teach concepts to a group of students that have a wide range of abilities and knowledge base.  Harlan not only does a fantastic job of catering to all ability levels, but he teaches in a way that had my undivided attention for two whole days!
     The information that he passes along is substantial and some items take a while to click, but when concepts fall into place the results are astounding.  Not only does he pass along the required knowledge to be a better shooter, but he also works individually with shooters to put this knowledge into practice.

     My yearly goal for trapshooting is to make the All Ohio State Team.  Using the knowledge Harlan conveyed to me, along with a properly fitted custom gun stock from Wenig’s, I have reached this goal.  I feel that I would not have reached and maintained this goal without Harlan’s help.  In my opinion, taking Harlan’s clinic was the best investment I could have made to improve my game.






"Several years ago, I was a restaurant and sitting next to me at a different table was Harlan Campbell Jr. and a few friends. Now, being a trapshooter, I was in awe and tried to overhear any good stuff I could. Eventually, I joined Harlan in conversation. We spoke about my shooting and I told him I had just shot a score of 67 x 100 in the Championship Doubles event at the Wisconsin State shoot. We talked some more, and then came the question that during the course of the evening Harlan asked me several more times, “you shot what?”

So as we continued, Harlan told me the following spring he would be teaching a class in Wisconsin in the part of the state I reside. He spoke to me about his class, the value of taking a class, and how he felt he could help me improve my game. He went so far as to make me an offer. Take my class, and if you do not improve by the end of the year, the class is free and I will refund your money.

I am glad to say, that Harlan kept my money, and I improved tremendously. In singles, I improved my average by seven targets and for the first time reached class A. In handicap, I improved by five targets, and in doubles, I improved by 24 targets. Needless to say, I got everything I could have hoped for.

Since this first class, I have taken Harlan’s class an addition two times. Each time, I have improved and learned something new.

I would recommend Harlan’s class to anyone, whether they are a beginner or a seasoned veteran. He presents the class in a very easy format to follow. He never forgets that you are the student, there to learn. He readily takes questions and answers them in an easy way to understand. He does a total gun fit for each student and explains why he is making adjustments, constantly teaching throughout the class. When you go to the line to shoot, the teaching continues as he helps you apply and understand the concepts he is teaching.

Since I first took Harlan’s class, he has made two videos. Watching them is just like taking his class. I refer back to them often. On occasion, I have had questions. That is one of the great things about Harlan. His teaching does not end with the class. You e-mail him or reach him by phone, see him at a shoot, and he is there to help, there to answer your questions, there to teach. He is not just an instructor for a two-day period; he is there for your career.

I have seen Harlan compete many times. I marvel at his skill, watch in awe as he shoots. I have seen him interact with other shooters. I have seen shooters come up to him before, during, and after shooting events. He is always, gracious, polite, and professional. A true gentleman. Now should the shooter be a former student, maybe the former student just shot his first hundred straight, maybe a fifty straight, maybe his very first twenty five straight, maybe just his personal best. It does not matter. Harlan gets that big grin going, smiling, sharing in the joy of what his student accomplished. You get the feeling he is happier when his student does well, to the point it is better than his own results.

I would recommend the taking of Harlan Campbell’s class to anyone. Harlan says, “Shooting better is a choice, and that choice is yours”. Make the choice and take Harlan’s class, it is a choice you will not regret having made.

Should you have any additional questions regarding my experience with Harlan Campbell and his class, please feel free to contact me."

Brad Patterson

"I took my first class in the Spring of 2007 and my head still "hurts" at times. It was like getting a Master's Degree in 3 days instead of the normal 2 years! There is so much to learn that the brain gets into 'overload' at times; it's like that when you are learning a new method in anything, but well worth the effort. Harlan presents clear reasons for each technique and why his methods help you achieve better scores. He lays out the whole trapshooting game and the simplest way to approach it for the best chance at success. His instruction is very understandable, effective and repeatable; you only have to choose to use it and practice it to improve your scores. Harlan's instruction takes you from stock set-up and pattern impact point, to foot position, body position and balance, to mental preparation and shot routine, to vision and focus area, to finishing the shot. Once you get all this ingrained, hitting the target is really easy! I've made changes in all these areas and my scoring has improved, particularly in doubles. I managed to win my first trophy (since my Industry Rep days) at the Grand, a yardage trophy in the 2008 Grand American Handicap. I can truly say that the lessons learned in Harlan's classes, and applied, got me through that shootoff with a 25x25. I am really looking forward to 2009 and confident that further progress will be made. I highly recommend taking Harlan's class ( I took it again in 2008 ), as many times as you can, to learn how to make the most out of your talents and abilities. The videos he offers also serve as good review of the basics but the classes are a better starting point. As Harlan says, it's a choice you need to make if you want to shoot better. I believe making the choice to take Harlan's classes made me a better trapshooter. I also believe he can help you achieve your trapshooting goals, too. It's your choice!"

Scott Hanes - Remington Arms Co.

"I have learned something new each time I have taken Harlan's clinic. Harlan is an excellent instructor and very personable. Both experienced and novice shooters will be comfortable in his classroom. His instructional method breaks the game down into essential steps that will help you become a much better shooter. This detailed approach to the entire game has given me a new competitive edge. He definitely improved my trap shooting. I have won two Grand American trophies (handicap and doubles). I do not believe I would have won my Missouri Fall Handicap (singles) belt buckle without the benefit of Harlan's clinics. Harlan does not forget his students once the clinic is finished. I continue to see Harlan at many major shoots (Grand American and Satellite Grands) and he always takes the time to visit and offer advice. Just recently at the Dixie Grand he took the time to check my gun-fit. Thank you Harlan, you are the best."

Steve Gilbertson

Chippewa Falls ,Wisconsin

"My son Brandon Jack and I took Harlen's class in spring of 2007. The first thing I would like to say about Harlen is that he is a gentleman. Harlen makes you feel like you belong in the class to learn from him with no handicaps. Everyone is treated equal. I have been shooting for a few years and of course did not know a lot of what he taught me. If I asked a question he would take the time to answer it as a good teacher would. One of the most important questions that I did have answered was about distractions and his answer was "deal with it". Many times after taking his class, I dealt with the distractions, and I do feel that made me a better shooter. Harlen is fun to be around and serious about his class. Brandon learned a lot from Harlen and applied his teachings this summer to shot his first 100 straight in singles. What else can I say other than he is the best at what he does, teaching and shooting."

~ Sandra Jo Jack
Wisconsin Ladies State Champion 2007

"I have had the opportunity of seeing Harlan teach his students the art of trapshooting on many occasions. Harlan gives a two day clinic here at my club at least once every year.Harlan has dissected the sport into specific areas and teaches each of those areas with the precision of a surgeon.If it is fundamentals you are looking for,that extra edge in a marathon, the mastery of 1 or all of the disciplines, or the vision you need to be a champion, Harlan will give you the tools to become whatever you have the desire to become. Harlan's favorite line in his teaching is "shooting better is a choice" the choice is yours. Another big plus to Harlan's clinic is what I call the after effects, Harlan will be at your disposal to help with a question or comment by phone or at the next shoot, he doesn't just forget his students. I have been with Harlan when a student would call and say I just got my first 100, just made the 27, just broke a 50 in the doubles, won my class etc etc etc, nothing makes him any happier than his students meeting there hopes and dreams.

Thinking about a clinic, give my friend (Kansas's Favorite Son) a try, you will be glad you did!"

Rob Taylor

Tuttle Creek Shooting Park.
Kansas Trapshooters Assoc. Pres.
8 Time ATA All American

"I found the Harlan Campbell Shooting Clinic to be Outstanding! I enjoyed the classroom agenda and his hands on, professional teaching manner. A true class act and Champion!"

Mike Johnson

Wisconsin Rod and Gun Club

"Being a close personal friend of Harlan's, I have had the chance to have him guide me throughout my shooting career. But on a business note, I feel that Harlan's 2 day clinic is the best for the money. He will cover everything from the basics to what it takes be in that shoot off with him and be with the elite shooters.

I have had the change to take three of his clinics and no matter what I learned something new everytime I took the clinic. I have also talked to numerous others who have taken Harlan's clinics from around my home town of Burlington, Colorado, and they all agree with me. Without Harlan's personal instruction, and recommendation I feel that I would of never made the Sub-Junion All-American team. He has gotten me to the 27 yd line, gotten me to break a 100 in doubles, and carry a handicap average of 92.5 all through his clinics. You know the old saying, "You get what you pay for."? Well, when you take Harlan's clinic you don't pay the most, but I feel that you get the best instruction that is out there for the taking.

Harlan is one of the finest individuals that you will meet and has helped me to excel in this game of trapshooting. Without Harlan's instruction and torment to keep me going, I feel that I would not be where I am now, a two-time Sub-Junior All-American and possibly a Junior All-American for the first time. As the great words of Harlan "Be careful what you wish for!" cause boys they will come true one day cause mine are just starting to."

Shane Richardson

"Over the last 5 years, I have been the contact person for Otter Creek Sportsman's Club in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We run two to three 2 day classes per season. He limits his class to 5 people and therefore spends more time with each individual. I personally took Harlan's class the first time we offered it and have observed his classes over the past 5 years. I try to follow up with the students to see how they think Harlan improved their shooting along with our performance as the host club. There has never been a negative comment on either. The way I explain Harlan to the incoming students is simply this: There are a lot of shooters out there teaching others how to shoot. I believe Harlan to be a teacher first and a shooter second. He is a teacher and I believe he could teach any subject to any person. There is a lot of time spent on gun fit, stance, and technique. What I like about Harlan is that he does not try to change everyone to his way, but he helps you to find your way of shooting and improve upon it. Not everyone breaks a target in the same place. Harlan works with getting your gun to shoot where YOU are breaking the target. I have watched Harlan take shooters who were mediocre and turn them into a threat. Harlan Campbell Jr is a first class act. With all of the controversy out there today, with the rising cost of shooting, I believe one of the first things you need to do is learn to shoot better instead of quitting."

Steve Manary

"Shooting Better is a Choice and the Choice is YOURS is the tagline that sums up Harlan's clinic. Harlan will cover every part of the game. He covers your game from 30 minutes before you arrive at the shoot till an hour after you left the club. There will not be any question that you can ask that he will not be able to address, usually with personal experiences. Knowing what you are doing right or wrong is usually an issue with many shooters. Harlan will help you identify your strength and weakenesses, and develop a game plan to strengthen or eliminate the issue. How many targets you pick up in your game will be determined to the amount of work you are willing to put into your game."

Jay Robilio

"Harlan is very effective at driving home trapshooting fundamentals while also teaching the importance of the mental game. He also made suggestions with respect to gun fit that made my gun easier to consistently point and more comfortable to shoot. I saw almost immediate improvement in all aspects of my game. The clinic was well worth the investment in terms of both time and money."

Bob Glatz

"During his clinic, Harlan taught me that practical and psychological side of the game, starting with the basic fundamentals and mechanics of shooting, including proper gun fit, body position, and focusing on the target, to the more advanced mental and physical game plans needed to shoot winning scores, which I feel is the most important part of the game. Taking this clinic was the best investment I have ever made in my shooting career."

Robert Butchkavits

"I wanted to take the time to tell you that I really liked your class and the seriousness that you approached it with. I was a little apprehensive about what I could get from it, and it was much more than I expected. You are definitely the sharpest person I've talked to about shooting. You are very good at detecting what a person is doing and merging those good things into a shooter's style. I will be at the Oklahoma State Shoot and look forward to seeing and visiting with you there. I plan on going to the Singles and Handicap at the Kansas State Shoot also. The money I spent on your school was some of the best I have spent."

Larry Parsons

"It's rare to find an accomplished shooter who is equally effective at coaching. Harlan, in my judgment, excels at both. Harlan has a wonderful way of keeping his communication and feedback simple, to the point, and positive. I first worked with Harlan fours years ago as novice trap shooter and I continue to check in with Harlan once or twice a year particularly when I'm struggling with some aspect of my game. I've found that half an hour with Harlan can save me hours of frustration on the practice range. If you want to cut your learning curve in half, Harlan deserves your consideration."

Barry Turner

"We took a class of Harlan Campbell's at Aurora, MO in October of 2004. Harlan was kind enough to schedule us into a class that was already full since we had traveled from Alaska.

The class ranged in age group from 15 to 60, yet Harlan was able to communicate clearly with all of us. We would go over the procedures in the class room. After Harlan readjusted everyone's gun so that it fit, we then headed out to the field. With a gun that now fits correctly, a new understanding of stance and hold points we were able to apply our new procedures on the practice field.

Harlan's clinic paid off at the Autumn Grand where we each won a trophy.

The cost of the clinic was money well spent, less than most, and we would highly recommend for anyone wanting to improve their scores."

Dave and Carol Inman

"Taking a clinic from Harlan is like talking to an old friend. Harlan has the ability to bring the student's competitive desire to the next level. The harder you work, the higher your scores."

Ron Burdick

"It is my pleasure to highly recommend Harlan Campbell Jr.'s Shooting Clinic. I have taken the class twice and that was not because I'm a slow learner. In the first class, Harlan taught me more in 20 minutes that I knew in twenty years of trapshooting. You'll get lots of one-on-one instruction with only five people in the class and will truly see why proper gun fit is important. I was able to develop a "Plan for Competing" just by discussions that took place in the round table discussions within the class.

I spent 37 years in the education field and feel that Mr. Campbell is one of the best "Teachers" that I worked with in all of those years. He explains concepts full and is able to reach within all persons in the class. Harlan is also a great listener which enables him to see all points of view on a certain area and try a different method to explain a point if someone does not understand.

Harlan Campbell Jr. has a great personality and is easy going. Not once in both classes that I took did I ever hear or observe him put down someone's shooting style or equipment. He takes great pride in moving you from where you are to where you should be. Harlan also takes the time to followup on his students after they leave the class and helps you through the ups and downs of trapshooting.

Harlan is also a very compassionate person. One of the individuals enrolled in my second class had been through a bout of cancer. Down the line, the cancer returned. When Harlan learned about it, he didn't hesitate to pickup the the telephone to call the individual which did a world of good in raising his spirits. Harlan Campbell Jr. has my vote for "Man of the Year" in trapshooting and you can do no better than have him for a teacher and friend."

William D. Smith

"Thanks for all your help with my trapshooting game. My only regret is not implementing all of your suggestions when I first attended your clinic 18 months ago. After a tough round of handicap (73) in a strong north wind at the Wichita Fall Handicap, I succumbed to your long time recommendations to raise my comb more, get my head more upright and quit crawling up on the stock.

Additionally, we raise the rib by adding a bump over the center bead (MX8 Top Singl) to get a figure 8. The proof is in my scores. During my last 1500 handicap targets, my low score was a 94. This includes a 100 from 27 at Silver City (my 3rd) in a 20-25 MPH NW wind. I now see the target sooner and break the target quicker out of the house. Your clinic and personal instruction has helped me tremendously. By limiting your classes to 5, you get the individual attention needed. Classroom, gun patterning, and fit, followed by shooting with a video camera behind you (film doesn't lie) gave me the tools to be more competitive. Harlan has the rare ability to not only be one of the top shooters in the country, but really knows how to teach. Your clinic has made me a strong competitor. Thanks!"

Jim Copsey

New Mexico

"I found Harlan's clinic to be well-worth the money. Because the size of the class is limited, you get a lot of personal time with Harlan. He spends ample time with gun-fit which is paramount to shooting better trap. He spends plenty of time on the mechanics of trapshooting, where to set up on the house, where to visualize the target, etc. But most importantly to me, Harlan gives his views and understandings of the mental side of the game."

Dick Newell

"He lays it all out. He communicates very well and is organized to a tee. He is as focused and disciplined in his teaching clinics, as he is in his shooting! He will not change your basics, but he will check it all with each student, to make sure that your gun is shooting where you are really looking, to make sure that you really know how your gun is patterned, etc. I have seen him make subtle suggestions in someone's stance, grip, elbow position, if they are bad, likewise, will reinforce your strengths and technique that you already have. He's cheap at twice the price. And he's down to earth. And he's a good friend. I would really like to keep him to myself, because I know that there are several shooters in our area, who are on the threshold of some big things. This class will be what takes them over the top! I know that for sure. And finally, once you take a class with JR, he is always there down the road, for advise, for questions, for a look at the practice trap. He really does invest time and effort in each shooter. I hope this will be of some help to anyone who is thinking of taking this clinic.

Steven Scheib

"The first clinic I took was with Phil Kiner. The most important thing that I got from his clinic was the ability to learn what I was doing wrong. Many times, shooters don't have a clue as to what they are doing wrong and I was one of them. I finally learned why I was missing and how to correct it. That being said, let me turn to Harlan's clinic.

For me, the most important facet of your clinic that really impressed me was "DETAIL", "DETAIL", "DETAIL!" Taking your clinic provided much more insight into the whole shooting process.

The first year Harlan was in Winona, I just listened to your instruction and took notes. The 2nd year in Winona, I was able to put that detail to use on the range.

The detail allows the shooter to use as much information as they want. For the shooter that just wants to shoot better scores, the information is there. For the shooter that wants to get to the next level, the information is there. For the shooter that wants to compete on a level with the "big dogs", the information is there.

For the shooter that wants to learn "what to do" and "how to do it", I can whole-heartedly recommend Harlan's shooting clinic. From "gun fit", to mental and physical games plans, Harlan's clinic includes it.

I guess I could best describe it as a very systematic plan of action for each individual shooter to follow their own person shooting goals.

A shooter that takes your clinic now will be repaid many times over in their shooting career."

Scott Messenger

"I am a businessman and I don't like to have my precious time wasted...Harlan definitely didn't do that. All of us in attendance were like sponges trying to absorb everything he said.

I was most impressed with Harlan for leaving his ego at home. He is the very best at his craft but you will have to pry it out of him. He was very sincere, helpful, and NEVER cocky.

The four of us which were at the clinic went to San Antonio (300 to 700 shooters daily) . I won the double (or tied) all four days, tied for singles one day, shot my highest handicap score of this target year, and won a shoot-off. I think I done the worst of the four. The other guys shot awesome.

Harlan's clinic was all business 8:00 AM until we all tuckered out on both days. We probably actually shot 700-800 targets each in these two days. I don't know how, but he can see little things others cannot.

If you would like to shoot better, spend the money on one of Harlan's clinics instead of the newest gimmick for your gun. The gimmick will last thirty days. Harlan's tips will last forever!"

Ron Bliss

"I just wanted to take a moment or two to say thanks. Thanks for helping me uncover the better shooter within myself.

The two days that I spent in one of your clinics has provided me with the tools to make vast improvements and probably more important, improve my consistency in my trapshooting. Since you worked with me during the clinic, I have shot the best doubles scores of my life including (2) 100 Straights this year. Those were both very happy days with much rejoicing. I also broke 2 all around scores of 390, personal bests. I earned my way into shootoffs at the Grand and Southern Grand in 2004 as well. I also shot on a 500 X 500 squad and a 997 squad, and racked up my second 200 straight (first one in almost 15 years), all in the same day at the Grand. The benefit of your clinic was recognizable right away. For the first time ever my gun fit. I now feel comfortable and confident with where to look for the targets, and you taught me how to cheat on the doubles!!!

You saw minor fundamental flaws and we put corrective actions in place. I can safely say whether a person is a "D" class shooter or a "AA" shooter they are going to learn how to improve in a couple days at your clinic.

Thanks again and as they say out here in North Carolina, 'preciate cha!"

Randy Moeller

"Recently, I had the opportunity to attend a Harlan Campbell Jr's Shooting Instruction Clinic and I consider it to be one of the best investments I have made in my life.

First of all let me assure you, Harlan did not try to "re-invent" my style of shooting, moreover, with intense one on one instruction improved my style through awareness of his four important shooting characteristics of Determination, Commitment, Courage, and Confidence. While Harlan did not try to change our style of shooting, we were given a new way of thinking and the keys to breaking better and higher scores.

The clinic started with the basics of a good, solid shooting foundation such as stance, gun fit, hold points, point of impact, set up on the line, etc. Then we advanced to development of a set of concentration skills, a pre shot routine, and a game plan that works for me. Harlan stressed we must be stubborn and determined in our mindset to become a better shoot both in practice and competitive rounds.

Each shooter was treated as an individual with special attention to developing a strong mental and physical game plan.

We were taught there is no secret or shortcuts to better shooting. The only one that can improve our shooting is ourselves and to do so, we must have a strong mental plan and the only one in control of our shooting games is ourselves. While the clinic is devoted to shooting skills, the philosophy is transportable to everyday life dealing with family, friends, and our business."

Al Stichter


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